Who we look for

Some companies manage by rules; some by hierarchies. WECAN manages by its values. Rather than burden our people with excessive controls, we trust them to make decisions and to act based on values - values they themselves shaped.

Although, people with a background in many subjects - business, natural sciences, philosophy, finance, engineering, - thrive at WECAN. We do, however, seek certain common traits.

  Decide & Deliver.
In our client work there are many unknowns. We look for people who can see a path through the unknown, who can make decision through the ambiguity. Once you make up your mind, can you use your head and roll up your sleeves to carry it out with no excuse?

As we get to know you, we will look for the observation, judgment, decisiveness and implementation that characterize DD person.

  • Partnership.
Our organizational structure is built on the principle of partnership. We also treat our clients & candidates as partners – and expect them to see us in the same light.
We define partnership as: Trust, Respect, Collaboration and Think win-win. We embody our understanding of partnership.

  • Open & Trustworthy.
We live in a fast-changing age. You need to be open-minded enough to develop new and innovative business practices to address those changes. Meanwhile, we only tell the truth as we see it. By continually demonstrating integrity in how we conduct business and by maintaining the highest ethical standards in the search industry, you will earn your trust and credit.

So, what values define & motive you as a person? Do WECAN's values sound like describing you?

If they are the way you show up in the world, then come and join us, you'll enjoy your career & life here. jokes funny images funny photos

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