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1. 准确理解客户的招聘需求,根据职位需求从各种渠道筛选合适的候选人,
2. 协助顾问进行简历的初步筛选、电话沟通及初步面试筛选;为候选人做面试、评估,通过有效的匹配工作来确定合适的候选人;
3. 协助顾问联络候选人,安排候选人面试;
4. 与候选人和客户保持良好的沟通,及时获取并准确,有效的传递双方的反馈信息;
5. 协助顾问完成业绩指标,有效执行顾问的工作安排。
1. 本科学历,专业不限
2. 良好的学习能力,对人力资源/咨询行业感兴趣
3. 乐于与人沟通
4. 不惧怕困难和压力,能够迎难而上

At WECAN, your potential is limited only by your talents and ambitions.

Why work at WECAN? The benefits you will get of your WECAN career:
• Make an impact – At WECAN, you'll have a profound impact on PEOPLE DECISIONS. You will get the ability to have a personal impact on an organization and a person's success.
• Maximize your talents – The process of helping clients & candidates will bring together all of your previous experiences and use them in a new and creative way.
 Innovate – Every assignment, every client and every candidate are unique.  You will be challenged continually to find answers for them.
• Chart your own course – At WECAN, no two career paths are the same. We provide the structure to ensure success and the flexibility to accommodate your needs. No matter what path you choose, WECAN offers unrivaled career-development opportunities. jokes funny images funny photos


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